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    Sets of earrings, Necklaces and rings selected from Crystal Zone shop combine style and elegance. Enjoy the combination of Swarovski crystals with Silver, metal and stainless steel.

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    Rings, which offer Crystal Zone shop can be customized to the client in a different color, size or shape, combined with Swarovski crystals. Offer rings made from Silver, metal and stainless steel.

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Welcome to the online store Crystal Zone, presenting a unique collection of jewelry Swarovski crystals - "MADE WITH SWAROVSKI ® ELEMENTS" - designer jewelry, made in very limited numbers, kakto and mass models for Daily Use.

We guarantee the authenticity of crystals Swarovski с бранд Crystal Zone Original, because we are the biggest official importer of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS for Bulgaria, and the first and only recommended by Swarovski store line CREATE YOUR STYLE with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS for Bulgaria and Eastern Europe.

Our jewelry accompanied by company trapezoidal-label certification Swarovski with a unique seven digit number on the back "MADE WITH SWAROVSKI ® ELEMENTS", that very few companies have the proof, crystals Swarovski are real.

Besides jewelry under our own registered brand and patented Crystal Zone Original, offer and those selected by our manufacturers from around the world to satisfy every taste and client. There, where the description of the jewelry there is no explicit indication, Swarovski crystals are, they are, or zirconium, or other crystals. In all cases, ensure and maintain quality assurance.

Many of the jewelry on our company brand Crystal Zone Original can be customized to the client in a different color, size or shape crystals of our designers at very short notice.