Безплатна доставка за всички поръчки


The collection of bracelets CRYSTAL ZONE leads you into the world of harmony between colors, mostly the multicolor double bracelets of Alcantara and several sizes and colors crystals from Swarovski.
The spectacular combination of merging colors between larger and smaller crystals, arranged in perfect lines , create the confidence in every woman to impress with every curve of her hand, attracting the attention of others.
They emit natural elegance and can be worn both in everyday life and on special events, where the woman can show the modern philosophy of luxury and the innovative design of her clothing and outfit.
The many kinds of lighter and with less rows of crystals bracelets, like for example the ones with only two rows of Crystal Rocks, are a spectacular addition to the mandatory set of accessories of every woman, who seeks even in the most ordinary everyday circumstances to radiate chic and casual attractiveness.

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