Безплатна доставка за всички поръчки


The Necklaces CRYSTAL ZONE show in an exquisite way the exceptional color range and variety of the corresponding kinds of Swarovski crystals with their  numerous diverse facets and effects.

They are a necessary component of the vision of each woman, who would like to  create a striking first impression, especially when combined with appropriate earrings in the same style and tonality in order to achieve a complete  effect.

Worn as an everyday playful accessory or as an impressive element of the composition for an evening party the CRYSTAL ZONE necklace with Swarovski  crystals  represents an indispensable element of the representativeness of  every woman, without which something from the contemporary philosophy of luxury and elegance would be missing.

Exclusively handmade with the latest technologies and materials of Swarovski, unique as design and combination of crystals and silver or stainless steel in addition.

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